Akaruilabs India Pvt Ltd
  • Equity Multiple: EQUITYMULTIPLE is an online marketplace for private real estate transactions. It enables individual and institutional investors to invest alongside the market’s most sophisticated sponsors in many commercial real estate assets.
  • Zeehaus: Zeehaus is a real estate equity sharing marketplace and ownership management platform. It is the first and only, one-stop marketplace to connect homeowners and homebuyers with investors who are enabled to purchase fractional ownership in US real estate digitally, having a reward sharing community and equity sharing marketplace that helps you buy, sell, or get you investing in property the simple and secure way levaraging Blockchain technology. By digitalizing the buying process, lowering the cost of acquiring the property and associated monthly housing costs, while simultaneously enabling sound investment opportunities for investors interested in the real estate market.
Other Projects
  • Codekiq-UI: Open Source UI framework NPM package for React app, the components are based on modern web design approach, having neat and clean code structure (jQuery free) to easily maintain your components without any hassle.
  • MKGautam.XYZ: This project is my personal portfolio site, built with Gatsby (a free and open source developer framework based on React for building blazing fast websites and apps) , hosted by Netlify (cloud host for static websites),  resume compiles everytime from Latex file source using node-latex node module.  site report generated below using Lighthouse chrome extension developed by Google developers.mkgautam.xyz site report